Please make sure that your child arrives on time to class, pays attention and is courteous and respectful not only to the instructor and staff but also to his/her fellow classmates.  

If your child has a learning disability or medical condition, please bring it to one of our staff member’s attention immediately.  By doing so we can better understand you or your child and help you/them to get throught this course.


AGE 16:
  • Must have had your Learner's Permit for at least 6 months before road testing with us. In addition, you must wait until the 6 months are complete before upgrading the permit to a provisional license to the DMV.

  • Must present applicant's birth certificate and learner's permit.

  • One parent (listed on birth certificate) must be present, and with their ID.

  • Parent must sign affidavit at the DMV, stating the teen applicant completed 50 hours on the road training (15 of which were at night) with a 21 years old or older licensed person.

  • Must present High School enrollment form to the DMV.

AGE 17:
  • May take immediately after completing a driver education course, present driving school certificate to us.

  • Must present applicant's birth certificate.

  • A parent on birth certificate must be present and have their identification.

  • Must have High School enrollment form or diploma.

AGE 18 & UP:
  • May take immediately after completing required driver training course, and present driving school certificate to us.

  • Present State Approved Identification.