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The Best

Driving School

in The Parish!

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We provide an affordable, friendly, and knowledgeable service for all your driving needs!
Our Classes are available to teens and adults!
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            38 hour available  classes                   
October 7,8,14,15 (Amite),October 21,22,28,29 (Amite)
November 4,5,11,12 (Amite),November 22,24,25,26 (Amite)
December 9,10,16,17 (Amite),December 27,28,29,30 (Amite)
Ponchatoula Dates (Tentative)
October 7,8,14,15, October 21,22,28,29
November 4,5,11,12, November 18,19,20,21

                   14 hour available class             
September 13, October 18 (Amite)
October 11, November 8th (Tentative Ponchatoula) 

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